2018 National Addiction Awareness Complex Funding Campaign

Dear Friends

Over the years, I have been living my life in recovery and I have had the same conversation with folks, and it goes like this,

  • How can I learn about addiction and its affects?
  • How early can addiction begin to affect someone?
  • How many people can be affected by one addict?
  • Can addiction consume someone from cradle to grave?
  • Are you cured, can you drink now?
  • So now that you have quit, how do you do life?
  • How much time and money is spent on addiction?

The Answer? The National Addiction Awareness Complex.

Long term recovery begins when everyone learns about addiction and the beautiful possibilities of enjoying the progression of recovery together!

After several years of research, planning, and team building, we are setting a targeted opening for 2022.

We are reaching out to everyone for our first National Funding Campaign to secure the land to build this well-needed destination for everyone.

The Time Has Come For: This Privately Funded Project,

So, we are looking for Visionary Brick Donors like you, who can make this vision a reality.

Brick by Brick we will make our Complex a reality!

Thank You,
Lee Clifford CEO & Founder

How to Be a Brick Donor

Pick Your Personalized Engraved Brick

Awareness Friend 4x8 Engraved Brick


Awareness Memory 8x8 Engraved Brick


Awareness Messenger 12x12 Engraved Brick


Exterior Walkways:

6 Different Locations to Choose From!

Select Your Location!

Awareness Complex Walkways

Awareness Retreat House Walkways

Awareness Stage Walkways

Awareness Walkways

Awareness Campground Walkways

Awareness Student Walkways

Click Here for information on our Volunteer Awareness Brick Paving Weekend Camping Event

Complex Timeline

2018 Brick Campaign Use of Funds

Addiction Awareness Paving Brick Funding Campaign:

  • Purchase the Land
  • Prep and Test the Land to Build On
  • Traffic Patterns
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Professional Fees
  • Pave the Walkways with Awareness Bricks

All Donors Will Receive a Personalized Custom Certificate