Awareness Stage and Event Area

One of the entertainment highlights of the National Addiction Awareness Complex is the Awareness Outdoor Event Area, where live concert events will thrill audiences. Performers will appear on an elaborate stage with a state-of-the-art sound system and all shows will be drug and alcohol-free, following in the footsteps of other national Soberstock events.

Kiosks will be placed around the concert grounds allowing vendors to market their souvenirs and security will be a high priority, ensuring the safety of all concertgoers and performers.

Other exciting Awareness Outdoor Events will include beautiful firework displays, talent contests open to the public, high flying Kite Days, yard sales, and Biker Weekends.

Awareness Outdoor Events will take place twice per month throughout the year, for a total of 24 exciting and wholesome outdoor events each year. Winter, spring, summer, and fall… join us in the beautiful outdoors for a memorable experience!