Awareness Retreat House

The National Addiction Awareness Complex wishes to provide the utmost comfort and convenience for visitors and VIPs alike, and so the Awareness Retreat House was built on-site. The Awareness Retreat House is a beautiful and family-friendly 100 room facility, with some suites accommodating up to 12 persons, nestled among the Museum and Convention Center and offers comfortable accommodations for those visitors who want to be close to everything.

The Awareness Retreat House includes an outdoor Pool for both visitors and campers to enjoy seasonally and a Fitness Center for those gym goers who like to exercise and stay in shape.

VIP guests and visiting Dignitaries can take advantage of a private garage and entryway through VIP Receiving and relax in complete comfort in the Retreat House’s VIP Apartment.

VIP guests at the Awareness Retreat House can also unwind and take in the gorgeous view from the Retreat House’s panoramic Viewing Deck. Rank really does have its privileges!

Visit the National Addiction Awareness Complex and feel right at home when you stay at the Awareness Retreat House.