Awareness Learning Center

The Awareness Learning Center is the largest and most encompassing of all the beautiful National Addiction Awareness Complex facilities in that it contains the widest variety of services and activities.

Inside the beautiful and spacious, 2 ½ story high lobby, the Awareness Learning Center houses a total of 12 Resource Centers, which will be fully functional satellite offices of national treatment centers with a professionally staffed ClinicalReception area, an Intervention area, “12 Step” Meeting Rooms, a Chapel, and a Reflection Experience Lounge, a quiet retreat where visitors may reflect upon any addiction concerns they may wish to address.

The Awareness Learning Center will also house a 600 seat Cafeteria and dining area, a separate Student Cafeteria that will accommodate up to 400 students per hour, a state-of-the-art Kitchen, and a Banquet Hall that will hold 1,000 guests… perfect for our on-site Conferences and Conventions, as well as alcohol-free weddings and other special events. Visitors can even buy souvenirs, books, and other Addiction Awareness Merchandise at the Awareness Gift Shop.

There will also be a variety of classroom options available for all ages, students to seniors, as well as a 1,500 seat general auditorium and both a kids auditorium and a young adults auditorium. Parents can enjoy some relaxation in the Parents Lounge during the student’s educational endeavors. Parents can also educate themselves through our extensive film library. Parents can also be comforted knowing that security measures and precautions will always be in place to protect everyone, especially the kids.

The Awareness Learning Center will also contain several Addiction Attorney Offices for those seeking legal counsel for their particular addiction concerns, including employment issues, domestic separations, divorces, and other legal matters. Drug testing will also be made available for those needing to comply with judicial orders as a result of an accident at work, an arrest, or other court-ordered mandate, as well as for pre-employment purposes.

The Awareness Learning Center will be the location of the plush and decorative Donors Room in commemoration of the extraordinary generosity of those who contributed Charitable and Last Will and Testament Gifts. The Awareness Learning Center will also be the Center of Operations for the entire National Addiction Awareness Complex. Administrative Offices, Finance and Accounting Offices, Graphic Design, IT Services, Marketing and Public Relations Offices, and Web Development are but a few of the many professionals working behind the scenes to keep the National Addiction Awareness Complex running smoothly and efficiently. The Awareness Learning Center will surely make a grand first impression upon every visitor to the National Addiction Awareness Complex!