Awareness Convention Center

The National Addiction Awareness Complex is very proud of its spacious, state-of-the-art Awareness Convention Center where organizations and corporations, large or small, can comfortably gather for multi-day conventions and enjoy all the conveniences within the National Addiction Awareness Complex.

The Awareness Convention Center can accommodate several hundred vendors in the main Convention Room while ensuring the security of each vendor’s equipment in the Convention Storage Area. Vendors and speakers can rest assured that the Convention Loading Dock is at their disposal should they need it. The Awareness Convention Center also offers both a Business Center, with computers and other amenities, and a Business Store, providing many of the conveniences of a Staples.

The Awareness Convention Center provides spacious Convention Offices and Classrooms specifically for vendor use, as well as Workshops focusing on Convention Topics and Breakout Rooms for post-Convention meetings or gatherings. A Warming Kitchen will also be utilized by the staff to heat and prepare meals for conventioneers.

Each year, the National Addiction Awareness Complex’s Awareness Convention Center will host approximately 336 90-minute Forums, 740 half-day Workshops, 24 full-day Conferences, and 24 3-day National Conventions. Located in Pennsylvania, you might even say that the National Addiction Awareness Complex is the “national destination of addiction awareness!”